Zuru X-Shot Dino Attack Extinct

R 159.00

The new X-Shot Dino Attack range is here! Get ready for the Dino invasion with the new Extinct blaster providing extreme accuracy from 90ft / 27m away. With its single dart barrel and additional 4 dart storage, you will be locked and loaded for battle. Use your Dino Egg for target practice and flip out the exclusive retractable sword to tackle even the fiercest of Dinos.

  • MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE: The Dino Extinct blaster has an incredible shooting distance of 90 feet/ 27 meters, no wonder X-SHOT blasters are a three-time winner of the dart zone award
  • DINO EGG TARGET: Set up you Dino Egg Target for blaster practise to gain max accuracy. Make sure to blast it away before it hatches.
  • HUGE DART CAPACITY: Fill your blaster barrel with 5 darts and load up the bottom storage with an additional 4 darts! This extra storage ensures you can battle for longer.
  • DINO SWORD: Use the exclusive retractable blue sword to fight off the Dino invasion. Only available with Dino Extinct blaster.
  • Approx Box Dimensions: L:31cm x W:6cm x H:22cm
    Approx Weight: 0.4kg