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Missing LEGO® parts

Here are some of the steps that you can take...

1. Carefully check all your packets, the box and your surroundings for the missing piece/s.

2. Contact the customer service department, toll free, on 0800 201 490

3. Order the missing part/s, free of charge, from .


Online Building Instructions
LEGO Customer Service - Building Instructions


LEGO Set guide and database


Exclusive / hard to find sets
Bricklink LEGO Marketplace


Search LEGO Price Guide


Discover Retired Sets


Online Spare Parts Service

Do you have PLAYMOBIL® sets that have missing or broken parts? Or have you acquired a set second hand that has parts missing. With the PLAYMOBIL® Online Spare Parts Service, you can easily order spare parts.

 Search for spare parts with our Spare Parts Finder, using the 8 digit parts number which can be found within the assembly sheet.

Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery as staff are having to adhere to strict safety procedures whilst working in the warehouse.

If you order regular PLAYMOBIL® products and/or direct service accessories, our regular Conditions of Use will apply. The contract is made as soon as we confirm your order, ship the ordered parts and if we do not reject it within two weeks after receiving it.

Please note that only common household quantities may be ordered. Our Spare Part Service is available for end consumers only. This service is not intended for use by traders and the resale of replacement parts is not permitted. This will result in our withdrawal of all contracts with the buyer.

We kindly ask you for your understanding that your online order cannot be combined with an order placed by phone, email, mail or fax, due to logistical reasons.

Please note that we are unable to offer a refund or an exchange for spare parts that have been ordered in error.

Spare Part Numbers

If you do not have the assembly sheet at hand to look for a spare part number, please note that instruction leaflets for PLAYMOBIL® products are available to download on the PLAYMOBIL® website under Building Instructions. If the manual you require is not available to view online please contact our customer service on 01268 490184.

Current product codes can be found at under Online Shop. If you require the product code for an old set this can be found by visiting, selecting the German flag and 'Product Archive' on the left hand bottom of the Homepage.