Top Trumps

Any number of people can play Top Trumps, that’s what makes it the world’s coolest card game! Here are instructions on how to play Top Trumps.
To start the game, shuffle and deal all the cards face down. Each player holds their cards so that they can see the top card only.
The player to the dealer’s left starts by reading out a category from the top card (e.g. Height, value 5) The other players then read out the same category from their cards. The one with the best or highest value wins, and that player collects all the top cards, including their own, and moves them to the bottom of their pile. It is then their turn again to choose a category from the next card.
If two or more cards share the top value or data is not available for that particular subject then all the cards are placed in the middle and the same player chooses again from the next card. The winner of the hand takes the cards in the middle as well.
The person with all the cards at the end is the winner.
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