LEGO DOTS is a new 2D tile concept from the king of tiny bricks. ... Head to our guide to the best Lego sets for adults). The range extends to include bracelets, picture frames, pencil holders and more, all with integrated surfaces that their owners can customise with DOTS tiles.
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41938 LEGO DOTS Creative Designer Box
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41937 LEGO DOTS Multi Pack - Summer Vibes
41936 LEGO DOTS Pencil Holder
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41926 LEGO DOTS Creative Party Kit
41934 LEGO DOTS Starlight Bracelets
41925 LEGO DOTS Secret Boxes
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41926 LEGO DOTS Secret Holder
41923 LEGO DOTS Monster Bracelets
41921 LEGO DOTS Extra DOTS Series 3
41918 LEGO DOTS Adventure Bracelets
41910 LEGO DOTS Ice Cream Besties Bracelets
41909 LEGO DOTS Mermaid Vibes Bracelets
30557 LEGO Dots Photo Cube Holder
41916 LEGO DOTS Extra DOTS - Series 2
41914 LEGO DOTS Creative Picture Frames
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41907 LEGO DOTS Desk Organizer