Frame Game

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Stack, nest and build patterns with You’ve Been Framed! Just deal the frames, flip the card, and match or build the pattern. But make sure the frames don’t fall! With 4 levels of difficulty, this family game is entertaining for kids, teens and adults! Play it at parties, game night, sleepovers and more. This tactile brain game improves visual recognition, spatial awareness and manual dexterity. || Includes: 48 high-density plastic frames, 50 double-sided cards (100 patterns to play) and rules in English and Spanish. || Ages 8+ || 2-4 players.

Do you have a steady hand?
When a card is flipped over, be the first to arrange your colored frames to match the pattern. Slap the card to score. The first player to score 10 cards wins!

Fast-paced fun for the whole family
The pattern cards feature 4 levels of difficulty. You've Been Framed is action-packed and inclusive of kids aged 8+, teens and adults.

Be the first to stack your frames!
Challenge friends and family to a framing frenzy! This party game allows 2-4 players for game night, parties, playdates and more!

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