Wild Environmental Science - Extreme Big Cats of the World

R 299.90

The Extreme Big Cats of the World kit is one of a series of collectable Animal Science and Craft kits for creative young hands and minds. Make and custom paint and varnish your own near life-size baby Snow Leopard and mother’s paw. Assemble a detailed timber model of a Tiger, the most powerful Big Cat on earth. Build and Decorate your museum quality Mountain Diorama. Put up the beautiful Poster and learn the amazing secrets of 10 of the world’s most Extreme Big Cats. Beautifully written and illustrated full-colour inspiration booklet. Perfect for Science Fairs, Show and Tell and Nature Tables. Collect them ALL.

  • POUNCE INTO EXTREME SCIENCE -- Learn about the world's most extreme cats. Build a 3D model of a tiger. Create a life-sized baby snow leopard and mother's paw.
  • LEARN THROUGH STEM -- Study the evolution of big cats, cat ancestors and how big cats have adapted to their environments. Kids will use STEM concepts to create cat-related products to admire.
  • EXTREME VALUE -- This kit includes a mountain diorama, cat poster and all the materials required for the craft activities. Decorate your space and show off your knowledge with cat-related artifacts!
  • KID-FRIENDLY, FULL-COLOR INSTRUCTION GUIDE -- Science should be fun and easy to understand. That’s why each step in the activities comes with an illustration to show exactly what needs to be done!
  • FOR AGES 6+ -- The reading in the booklet is ideal for children aged 10+, but those aged 6+ can follow and complete the activities with adult supervision.