Weird Science - The Mad Scientist Kit

R 199.00

With this amazing Mad Scientist Kit for kids, you can make poo, make fake snot, learn about maggots, mould a blood heart, make bouncy balls, create fake pimples and construct fake vomit. Perfect gift for any young budding scientist.

This kit contains 2 x eye moulds, 2 x eye beads, 2 x crystal packets, 1 x pair of goggles, 1 x heart mould, 3 x crazy clay packets, 1 x mixing cup, 2 x 3D glue sticks, sticky dots, gel maggots, 1 x glue, 1 x greaseproof paper, 1 x spatula, 2 x test tubes, 3 x coloured dyes, a pot of green slime, 1 x poop mould and instructions.

  • Ages 8+
  • Fun experiments included
  • Learn about the human body