TOPModel Magic Double Marker 10 Pens

R 119.90

TOPModel Magic Double Marker is a fun and versatile art accessory that allows you to create amazing color blending effects and add a touch of magic to your artwork. This marker features a unique double-tip design with two different colors that can be mixed and blended together to create a wide range of shades and hues, making it perfect for coloring, shading, and adding special effects to your drawings or designs. With its high-quality ink, durable construction and innovative design, a great way to explore new drawing techniques, unleash your creativity and create stunning and eye-catching artwork.

Colourful, more colourful, magic! These pens turn painting into magic: The colours change when you go over them with the magic pen. The double- fiber painters have a soft brush tip (0.5-2 mm) on one side and a firm, thin tip (0.5 mm) on the other. 9 colorful pens and 1 magic pen packed in transparent pouch. Made in the EU