Slimy Super Fluffy 100g Asst

R 99.00

The softest Slimy ever - super fluffy and jiggly! An incredible buttery sensation! Collect them all (each sold separately). Each colour has a specific unique scent! The best quality on the market! Natural, safe and no parabens!

  • Original slim super fluffy in green with delicious fragrance. Loose, light and extremely stretchy play mass
  • Available in four colours with smell: mango, apple, marshmallow and bubblegum!
  • Of course, safe according to Swiss formula. The original SLIMY play masses are made without parabens or other aggressive preservatives as well as 100% gluten-free. For the best quality, all essential raw materials come from Switzerland.
  • Dermatologically tested. The original SLIMY play masses meet the strictest quality and safety standards. To ensure maximum skin compatibility, original SLIMY products are dermatologically tested by independent institutes
  • Educational value! Tasting, kneading and chopping the original SLIMY play masses promote the development of sensory skills, motor skills, perception, imagination and creativity. Shape and let the play masses stimulate the imagination. After playing, store slim in the original packaging and seal tightly so that it does not dry out.