Peppa Pig 4-in1 Puzzle (35+48+54+70)

R 199.00

Not one, not two, but as many as four puzzle games in a single box is a real treat for puzzle lovers! After arrangement of all the pieces, we get four images of different sizes each showing your favorite frozen characters. The set perfectly meets the expectations of siblings - all will work out their own favorite image, even at the same time. The diverse number of the pieces allows playing the game for both the younger and slightly older children. An additional variety of fun can be derived from arranging the puzzle against running time, comparing images or searching for differences and similarities. Its beautiful graphics and the ability to create together with other players are the reasons why children love playing puzzles.

  • Perfect for helping toddlers and children develop skills in concentration, perception, and precision, this Peppa Pig Puzzle Set comes with four puzzles in one box!
  • Each puzzle is made up of a different amount of pieces (35, 48, 54, and 70), and each one will come together to create a colourful scene of Peppa Pig with their Friends.
  • With four different puzzles having a different number of pieces, this set will keep your little one occupied as their skills develop!
  • Puzzles with the correct difficulty allow the children to grow with the challenge, strengthen their self-confidence and, above all, are great fun.
  • Approx Box Dimensions: L:29cm x W:7cm x H:29cm
    Approx Weight: 0.7kg