Miraculous - Superhero Secret Adrien

R 779.00

Miraculous Ladybug “Superhero Secret” dolls and accessories create a world of imagination in which kids can "Be Brave, Be Strong, Be Miraculous!" By day, Adrien Agreste is a student at the same school attended by Marinette (aka Ladybug). Like her, he can transform with the help of Miraculous jewels and his magical Kwami, Plagg, to become Ladybug’s sidekick superhero, Cat Noir! Now you can create your own adventures! The 10’5” Adrien “Superhero Secret” doll comes with two complete fashion sets, to transform Adrien into Cat Noir! He comes dressed in his daytime outfit of blue jeans, color- banded black tee, white short-sleeved shirt, and red sneakers, with his Miraculous ring on his finger. The set also includes his signature black superhero suit, cuffed boots, belt/tail, mask, and removable cat ears! Swap every part of his outfits and accessories for some super superhero storytelling! With 13 points of articulation, Adrien is ready for action-packed posing

  • Daytime Outfit: Adrien Comes Dressed In Blue Jeans, Color-Banded Black Tee, White Short-Sleeved Shirt, And Red Sneakers, With His Miraculous Ring On His Finger.
  • Nightime Superhero: Get Ready To Fight Crime On The Rooftops Of Paris With Cat Noir’S Black Superhero Suit, Cuffed Boots, Belt/Tail, Mask And Cat Ears.
  • Everything’s Removable: You Can Remove, Dress, And Swap Every Part Of His Outfits And Accessories (Even His Ears, That Replace Two Removable Sections Of His Hair For Transformation) For Some Superhero Storytelling.
  • Posed For Action: Adrien “Superhero Secret” Doll Has 13 Points Of Articulation, Including Double-Jointed Knees and Elbows, For Realistic Posing.