League of Super Pets Hero & Pet Assortment

R 269.90

Young crimefighters can recreate the fur-ocious action from the DC League of Super-Pets movie with these poseable figure sets from Fisher-Price. Each set includes a poseable figure styled like a Super Hero, including Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman, and featuring a kid-powered action, plus the character's Super-Pet, including Krypto the Superdog, Ace the Hound or PB the pig. Kids can collect all three Super Hero and Super-Pet figure sets for more preschool-friendly, crimefighting play! (Each figure set sold separately and subject to availability.)

Collection of DC League of Super-Pets figure sets featuring Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman with their Super-Pet compa
Includes 1 Super Hero figure, 1 Super-Pet figure, and 1 accessory (Each figure set sold separately and subject to availa
Each Super Hero figure features a cool, kid-powered action for exciting pretend play
Each Super Hero figure stands 6 inches tall. Each Super-Pet figure stands 4 inches tall. Move the figures' arms and legs
For preschool kids ages 3 years and older