Fill 'n' Squeeze Pouches - 10 Pack

R 69.90

Fill n squeeze refill 10 x 150ml pouches. ideal to stock up in the freezer for toddler meals, smoothies or baby weaning . 10 x 150ml sterile and ready to use. the re-sealable squeeze pouches are an extremely convenient solution to store, freeze and warm baby food. they have been designed with an easy to hold curved shape for baby to pick and are an ideal way to serve homemade baby food & toddler snacks. To be used together with the Fill n Squeeze Pouch filling system.

  • This is the original Pouch Filling System invented by a mother for parents who wish to feed their babies with healthy homemade food, whether at home or on the go.
  • Pouches can be stored in the freezer and defrost in the fridge or in a cooler bag within a couple of hours. The Fill n Squeeze Pouch spoon enables single handed feeding and supports weight of the pouch.
  • The Fill n Squeeze System is the original product launched in 2013 and sold to thousands of parents all over the world. For older children from 3 years onwards, our Molly & Jack pouch has a fun spot the difference game and can be filled with smoothies, yoghurts, juices and more.