Difrax Little Hearts Soother Saver 0+ Months

R 79.90

Difrax Cord for Pink Heart-Shaped Soother 0 Months + is a practical and secure pink heart soother clip to which you attach your baby's soother.


A lost soother is a source of anxiety. To avoid losing it, simply attach it to your clothes thanks to its fixed sliding system.


Do not use this product in the cradle or cot.

This product should not be used as a toy or chew toy.


For your child's safety check the soother clip carefully before each use.

Throw it away at the first sign of damage or brittleness.

Never extend the soother clip.

Never attach it to loose cords, ribbons, laces or clothing, as your child could strangle.

Store it in a clean and safe place.

Wash the cord with hot water (30°C) and detergent.

Do not leave this product in direct sunlight.

Do not boil this product.