Barbie Animal Rescue & Recover Playset

R 769.00

The Barbie Animal Rescue Set allows children to invent adventures in the great outdoors and explore exciting jobs! The Barbie Animal Rescue Doll has two adorable patients to rescue and care for with her many accessories: a baby monkey and a baby tiger. With the help of a pet carrier and a veterinarian's case, the Barbie doll takes children on exciting adventures and encourages them to dream big. The doll does not stand alone. Colours and decorations may vary.

  • With the Barbie doll and its animal rescue set, children can let their imagination run wild and dream big!
  • The set contains a Barbie doll, 2 adorable baby animals (a tiger and a monkey) and 12 accessories for even more stories to invent!
  • The 2 small patients can sit in the transport cage, the door of which opens and whose handle fits in the hand of the doll. Decorate it with the sticker sheet!
  • Barbie animal rescue doll can make calls in the jungle. Her veterinarian's case opens so she can store her equipment, including a heart-shaped stethoscope, a bottle and a syringe!
  • Other accessories to invent wonderful stories, including a bathtub, towel, bowl, brush, binoculars and a communication radio, enrich exploration, animal care and role plays!
  • Barbie Veterinarian doll has smooth blonde hair and wears a work outfit consisting of a pink top and plain vest, shorts and white sneakers!
  • Inspiring kids to imagine everything they want to do later, the Barbie Animal Rescue Set is the perfect gift for kids aged 3 and up, especially if they love animals!
  • Approx Box Dimensions: L:21cm x W:7cm x H:33cm
    Approx Weight: 0.4kg