All Sport Frisbee Assortment

R 119.90

Lightest version of the Sport. Frisbee, Asst of 2. Different Colors and Graphics. 140-gram multi purpose sporting model. Works great for all Frisbee Disc sports. Perfect size and weight for all skill levels to achieve maximum performances. Good Frisbee for all skill levels

  • THE ORIGINAL FRISBEE - is back, Introducing The Ultimate Lightweight Sport Frisbee!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND AGILE: The Wham-O Frisbee All Sport Flying Disc 140G is incredibly lightweight, allowing for agile and precise throws.
  • MAXIMUM DISTANCE: This 140-gram sport frisbee delivers impressive distance with every throw, perfect for long-range games.
  • PERFECT SIZE: With a 10" diameter, this flying disc offers ideal balance and comfortable grips for players of all ages.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Crafted by Wham-O, this All Sport Flying Disc is durable and built to withstand intense play.


1x Frisbee Disc

Approx Box Dimensions: L:27cm x W:4cm x H:33cm
Approx Weight: 0.3kg

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