70728 Schleich Bayala Rainbow Dragon

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Seeing it is even rarer than a shooting star or four-leaf clover. But when you see our Rainbow Dragon from the schleich® BAYALA® world, it’s really something to marvel at! Colourful plumage reflects the sun and fills the horizon with all the colours. This usually happens when the winged dragon fills up the supplies in its cave and has to fly through the room again.

It’s here! In the BAYALA® world, they say that catching sight of it is even more rare than shooting stars at night or finding a clover leaf with exactly four leaves. But when our Rainbow Dragon from the schleich® BAYALA® world appears on the ceiling of your children’s room, it is either on its way to you or the supplies in its cave have run out again. Or both. Its colourful plumage reflects all the sun’s rays with every single stroke of its wings. You can usually hear it too – either because of its loud call or because its tail has swept something off the shelf again. Do you think it will tidy up its mess?

Approx Dimensions: L:31cm x W:25cm x H:14cm