70722 Schleich Bayala Marshmallow Unicorn Stallion

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Meet the Marshmallow Unicorn Stallion, the sweetest unicorn in the schleich® BAYALA® world. You'll go gooey over this colourful unicorn figurine. Famously fond of sticky situations and galloping through the spongy meadows of BAYALA®. One of three collectible Marshmallow Unicorns from schleich®.

The forests of BAYALA® are bursting with sweetness since the Marshmallow Unicorns arrived. Flowers have blossomed into sweet, fluffy marshmallow bites… colourful clouds rain miniature marshmallows… there's even a hot cocoa waterfall spilling out of the hills. These sugary unicorns have left their delicious hoofprint throughout BAYALA®!

Approx Dimensions: L:14cm x W:5cm x H:12cm
Approx Weight: 0.2kg