70699 Playmobil Spirit Young Lucky & Mum Milagro

R 149.90

Young Lucky loves to have picnics in Miradero with her mom, Milagro

Milagro, Lucky's mother, ran away from home at sixteen and joined the travelling circus El Circo dos Grillos. There she found a family and became an adored horse acrobat until she met Lucky's father Jim and settled in Miradero. With pleasure Lucky remembers the first happy years she spent together with her mother in Miradero. One of her favorite activities was going on picnics. Milagro packed a picnic basket with drinks and fruit and the two of them found a cozy spot in nature. Set contains the DreamWorks Spirit characters Lucky and her mom Milagro, a picnic basket, two bottles, an apple and other extras for a leisurely outing.

Figures: 1 Mama Milagro, 1 Little Lucky; Animals: 1 Butterfly; Accessories: 1 picnic basket, 2 bottles, 2 apples, 1 children's skirt, 2 hair bows, 1 bouquet of flowers

Approx Box Dimensions: L:15cm x W:5cm x H:15cm
Approx Weight: 0.1kg