70003 Playmobil Spy Team Sub Bot

R 459.90

Scour the waterbed and go on a secret mission with The Playmobil 70003 Top Agents Spy Team Sub Bot Playset! Equipped with a functional Sub Bot which can be placed underwater which includes 2 large and 2 small rocket projectiles, 4 movable swivels and gripper claws, a removable roof and space for 1 figurine. With 2 Top agent figurines with posable arms and legs, children can go on an exciting adventure. Other accessories in this set includes a headset, 2 diving fins, a bottom plate with marine plants, a double cannon and 2 robot fish. Easy to assemble, robust and long-lasting, this set will provide your children with an endless amount of fun! Features and Benefits: Go on a secret mission with this playset! Comes with a Sub Bot which can placed under water Sub features also comes with 2 large and 2 small rocket projectiles Also features 4 moveable swivels and gripper claws Comes with 2 Top Agent Playmobil figurines Figurines comes with moveable arms and legs Other accessories include: 1 underwater scooter, 1 headset, 2 diving fins, 1 bottom plate with marine plants, 2 large projectiles, 2 small projectiles, 1 double cannon, 2 robot fish Accessories can be placed inside figurines grip Encourages learning through interactive play Can be used daily, has a robust and long-lasting stature Excellent way to encourage learning through interactive play Suitable for ages 6 and above.