5174 Melissa & Doug Deluxe Tool Belt Set

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Give little builders all the tools they need to for truly constructive play! Five child-safe wooden tools--hammer, screwdriver, wrench, ruler, and painted saw--fit snuggly in the adjustable tool belt and a child's hand. Saw apart the self-sticking blocks and use the nuts and bolts or safety nail (no sharp points) to connect them again! A name tag on the sturdy tool belt can be personalized with a pencil or washable marker. This set helps teach sorting, problem solving, and counting skills, and encourages fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and imaginative play

  • Adjustable tool belt and wooden child-friendly tools.
  • Includes hammer, screwdriver, wrench, ruler, and painted saw, and 8 building pieces.
  • Belt constructed of sturdy nylon and play pieces are solid wood.
  • Name tag included to personalize.
  • Helps teach sorting and problem solving, and encourages fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • Approx Box Dimensions: L:48cm x W:12cm x H:32cm
    Approx Weight: 0.4kg

Discover Countless Ways To Play:

  1. Have kids identify each tool; ask him or her to count how many pieces there are in all and identify the colors on each.
  2. Place four tools or building pieces on the play surface and have kids study them, then close their eyes. Remove one item, then ask kidsto look again and identify which piece was removed.
  3. Time kids putting all the tools back into the tool belt as quickly as possible, then try to improve dexterity and time.
  4. Have kids create a structure using all of the building pieces. Then challenge them to take it apart as quickly as possible using the screwdriver, wrench, and saw. Set a timer or count aloud, then challenge kids to beat the speed record!
  5. Use the ruler to measure the lengths of the wooden pieces and tools. Use both sides of the ruler, measuring with inches and centimeters; this is a great way to introduce the metric system. Ask kids which units are longer, inches or centimeters?