4M Steam Powered Kids Intruder Alarm Robot

R 339.90

Build an intruder alarm robot and learn how the circuit works. It keeps any unwanted intruder out of your room!


Contents: 1x robot body with metal bell, 2x robot arm, 1x robot legs, 1x hammer, 1x plastic screw, 1x trigger plate, 1x trigger plate holder, 1x connection plate module, 1x connection plate cover, 1x string, 2x screw, 3x plastic peg, 1x battery case cover, 4x double-sided foam sticker, 1x sticker, and detailed instructions.


Also required, but not included in the kit: a small crosshead screwdriver, one 1,5V AA battery.

Dimensions of the box: 23,5 x 27,5 x 5,5 cm.

Height Robot: 15 cm.

For ages over 8.