42582 Schleich Sofia's Beauties - Beauty Horse English Thoroughbred Mare

R 439.00

Introducing the Beauty Horse English Thoroughbred Mare from our newest line-up, Schleich® Horse Club Sofia's Beauties. A proud jumper, she likes being groomed and braided. Can you help her with the hairclip on her tail? Featuring a combable mane and tail, this beauty dreams of achieving glory in the arena.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the prettiest mane of all? The English Thoroughbred Mare from the Sofia's Beauties line-up deserves the honour – hair that glamorous takes a lot of work! Washing, brushing, braiding, accessorizing... luckily, there's nothing this Beauty Horse loves more. This fashion-conscious horse likes swapping her beads and hair clips every day. Should she wear purple today, or maybe turquoise or white?

Additional Information
- For the first time ever, Schleich® introduces a horse with brush able hair – one of seven horses in the new Sophia's Beauties line-up from Schleich® HORSE CLUB.
- The horses in the Sophia's Beauties line-up can change their look by swapping their tails and manes with the other Sophia's Beauties horses (each sold separately).
- Comes with multi-coloured hairclips and beads… braid the horse's hair and give her a dash of style with fun hair accessories.
- She's a Thoroughbred, born to run. The wind whispers in her ear as she runs. What tales does it tell? Perhaps you can give voice to the stories of the wind… a story all your own.
- Nurture her love of horses with a horse as unique and extraordinary as she is. Recommended for kids ages 4 and up.