42486 Schleich Vet Visiting Mare and Foal

R 489.00

The vet sets out with her vet's bag to the stable to take care of the quarter horse foal. While the vet treats the foal changes its bandage and listens to its heart with her stethoscope the quarter horse mare looks on curiously. Of course she is also concerned that nothing happens to her foal. The cheeky piglet from the farm is also there and takes advantage of the opportunity to eat a few juicy apples while no one else is watching. After the examination the foal is rewarded with a bottle of milk. A great addition to the new horse stable with 3 cute animals a veterinarian and lots of accessories. The Schleich® figurines are all modelled in the finest detail and encourage children to play and learn

Approx Box Dimensions: L:20cm x W:6cm x H:12cm
Approx Weight: 0.3kg