42437 Schleich Horse Box with Horse Club Tori & Princess

R 839.00

The Horse Box with Horse Club Tori & Princess from Schleich® The prize ribbons, gold medal and trophy show shared riding achievements that the fully moveable Tori figurine has with her beautiful Frisian mare, Princess. The walls of the box are decorated with beautiful stickers that can be written on. The roof is removable and can be used as a separate stable. Bridle, reins and saddle are ready for the next training – as is the carrot for a reward. While the mare stands contentedly at the hay rack and trough, Tori’s cute chihuahua, Beauty, runs around the box

- Removable roof & gates that open and close!
- With labels you can write on!
- Tori can sit, stand and grip!
- Schleich® figurines are modelled in the finest detail to help children learn while they play.
- This item is part of the HORSE CLUB theme world and is suitable for children aged 5-12.
- Figurine, saddle and bridle are removable!

What's in the Box:
1x horse box, 1x girl, 1x Frisian mare, 1x chihuahua, 1x saddle, 1x bridle and reins, 1x hay rack, 1x trough, 1x carrot, 1x trophy, 1x gold medal, 2x prize ribbons, 1x helmet, 1x sticker sheet, 1x assembly instructions