4169 Melissa & Doug Bead Bouquet Deluxe Wooden Bead Set

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This deluxe beading set is a jewelry designer's dream! The wooden sorting tray comes stocked with 8 multicolored cords that can be cut to the size you choose - necklace bracelet, or anklet - and 220 handcrafted heart flower, and butterfly beads with an array of lovely design details.


Deluxe wooden bead set for designing and stringing necklaces and more.

Includes 220 beads and 8 cords.

Packed in a handy wooden tray.

A perfect stringing, patterning and designing activity.

Exceptional quality and value.


Discover Countless Ways To Play:

Have kids sort the beads into groups by color, shape, or size. Have them count the items in each group and identify which group has the most beads and which has the fewest. Are there any groups with an equal number of beads?

Use the beads to begin a simple pattern on one of the cords, then pass the cord to kids and ask them to continue the pattern. Work together to repeat the pattern as many times as possible.

Gather several beads with one or more attributes in common. Have kids figure out what "rule" binds the beads in the group. Give hints by adding more pieces to the group, or by showing kids one or more beads that do NOT belong.

Hide one of the beads in your hand and have kids ask yes-or-no questions about its appearance to figure out which bead you are holding.

Punch a hole in a piece of card stock or cardboard and loop one of the cords through the hole to make a bookmark. Have kids fill the cord with beads, then decorate the bookmark with markers or crayons.