3791 Melissa & Doug Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzles in a Box

R 229.00

Set includes four wooden, 12-piece dinosaur jigsaw puzzles-- a triceratops, an apatosaurus, a stegosaurus and a T-Rex-- each stored in a separate compartment of a sturdy wooden box! The slide-on box lid doubles as a convenient puzzle board! Each puzzle piece is shape-coded on the back for easy sorting. Great for travel!

  • Contains four wooden puzzles - a Triceratops, an Apatosaurus, a Stegosaurus, and a T-rex
  • 12-piece puzzles, each with beautiful artwork
  • Sturdy wooden storage box that doubles as a puzzle board
  • Perfect for travel; promotes hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and problem solving
  • Makes a great gift for preschoolers, ages 3 to 6, for hands-on, screen-free play
  • Approx Box Dimensions: L:20cm x W:6cm x H:15cm
    Approx Weight: 0.4kg

Discover Countless Ways To Play:

  1. SORT & COUNT: Mix up all the puzzle pieces. Have kids sort them into piles by looking at the shapes printed on the backs of the pieces. Have them count the pieces in each pile.
  2. PUZZLE DETECTIVE: Select three or four pieces from one puzzle and have kids identify the puzzle to which the pieces belong.
  3. DINO TALES: Have kids give each dinosaur a name and personality and tell a story based on each puzzle picture.