4069 Melissa & Doug Triple-Layer Party Cake

R 319.90

This play-food set contains a very special cake for very special occasions . . . like pretend play any day! With self-stick tabs on each piece, the wooden sections stick together easily then slice apart with the included wooden knife. Pretty decorations can mix and match to make every party unique!


Tiered wooden play cake for pretend play celebrations.

Includes 8 cake slices, 8 mix-and-match toppings, cake plate, serving knife, and candle.

Self-stick tabs connect pieces and separate easily.

Sturdy wooden construction.

Encourages hand-eye coordination, creative expression, and imaginative play.


Discover Countless Ways To Play:

WHOLE, HALF, QUARTER: Count the pieces it takes to make one "whole" cake layer. Slice the cake down the middle and count the number of pieces in each "half." Cut each half down the middle and count the number of pieces in each "quarter."

MAKE A WISH: Pretend it's your birthday and you get to make a wish on your birthday cake candle . . . and your wish comes true! Act out or draw a picture of your wish coming true.

MEMORY GAME: Turn the topping pieces facedown on a flat surface and mix them up. Players take turns flipping over two pieces at a time. If the pictures on the pieces match, the player keeps them; if not, turn them back over and the next player takes a turn. Play ends when all the pieces have been matched--whoever has the most matches wins!

BAKE SHOP: Pretend to be the owner of a bakery that specializes in party cakes! Fill orders for customers who order single layer, double layer, or triple layer cakes with different toppings. What are some of the occasions people are celebrating (wedding, anniversary, birthday, graduation, etc.)?