70174 Playmobil Ghostbusters Collection Figure R. Stantz

R 779.90

Possessed by a burning passion for the paranormal, Raymond Stantz is the beating heart of the Ghostbusters. His enthusiasm for all things otherworldly might be responsible for more than a few near-death encounters for his colleagues but it’s all part of the fun as far as Ray is concerned! 

Paying homage to Dan Aykroyd’s portrayal of this iconic character, Playmobil have depicted Stantz as a limited edition figure in their signature style! With only 12500 of these 6 inch action figures available worldwide, they’re perfect for Ghostbusters fans new and old.

For 35 years the Ghostbusters have been fighting ghosts and getting to the bottom of paranormal phenomena. For their big birthday, PLAYMOBIL has launched a world first: high-quality extra-large collector's figures in outstanding quality and special collector's packaging for all children, fans and friends of ghostbusters. The Ghostbusters collectible figurines are 15 cm tall and detailed. The figure Egon Spengler has a proton backpack with proton emitter and other ghost hunting equipment.

Ghostbuster R.Stantz in collector's size (15cm).

Approx Box Dimensions: L:18cm x W:13cm x H:22cm
Approx Weight: 0.3kg