5171 Melissa & Doug Grocery Basket with Playfood

R 489.00

If make-believe fun is on your shopping list, check out this all-in-one kitchen and grocery play set! This realistic wire grocery basket toy is just the right size for pretend play. It comes stocked with play food boxes and play food cans with pop-off lid - in all, eight sturdy, colorfully labeled packages to stock, load and "cook." The wire basket is carefully designed to be comfortable to carry, easy to store and wonderfully durable. The sturdy handles fold flat for easy folding or stacking, then lift up to carry around the "shop."

  • Sturdy wire shopping basket stocked with play food
  • 8 play-food packages: tuna, fruit cocktail, chicken noodle soup, beans, spaghetti, brownie mix, fruit snacks, granola bars.
  • Play food cans feature plastic pop-off lids to enhance creative play.
  • The perfect accessory for play kitchens and a space-saving option for grocery-store play!


Discover Countless Ways To Play:

  1. TASTY TREATS: Have kids identify the food items on the labels and describe how each tastes, how it's prepared, and how it might be served. Have them sort the groceries by type of food, such as sweet and savory.
  2. TOWER POWER: Have kids make two towers--one using just the cans and one using just the boxes. Challenge them to stack the items in a way that the can tower is taller than the box tower!
  3. PICKY EATER: Have kids set up a dining table for a stuffed animal or doll and pretend it is a very picky eater. Challenge kids to try to convince the stuffed animal or doll to try a bite of each type of food.