Yookidoo Sensory Bath Mobile

R 519.90

The world’s first newborn water sensory bath mobile that spins and sprinkles creating a multi-sensory fascinating engaging and experience for baby.


Features: Battery operated sensory bath mobile with colorful flowers that spin and sprinkle while swiveling bird sprays a gentle stream of water.

Designed to create a multi-sensory fascinating experience for baby.

Press bird button to start the water show.

Firmly secures to most baby bathtubs and full size tubs with 2 supplied optional connectors.

Designed for newborns and doubles as a bath toy for sitting babies.

Arc disassembles for flat and compact storage.

Swivel arc to redirect water sprinkles and gentle stream.

Water flow intensity and flowers rotation speed can be matched to baby’s reactions by sliding the water intensity controller.


Developmental benefits:

Promotes sensory development and enhances tactile stimulation.

Promotes visual focus skills through contrast and movement, at the perfect distance for baby’s developing eyesight.

Promotes hand-eye coordination.

High contrast colors focus baby’s attention.