Yoohoo Booties Blue

R 119.90

Our Yoohoo and Friends baby shoes are cute, soft, flexible and have a nice thin rubber sole for traction when your baby is standing on slippery surfaces.


Warm and Cosy:

It’s perfect for small infants when they still need some extra warmth during those first few months and will also grow with your baby up to about 4 months.


Soft and Comfortable:

They are the perfect for the winter and summer. The material is soft enough that it moves with your child to avoid rubbing, yet sturdy enough to keep structure and support. The soles are thick enough to protect yet also so light to keep from weighing your little one down.


Great Gift:

These adorable animal infant and baby booties are soft; fuzzy; cosy and stylish and will make a thoughtful gift at any expecting mom’s baby shower.


High Quality:

It’s made of high-quality material.


Please make sure of the size before ordering:

– Foot Length – 11.5 cm; 0 to 4 months