Wild Environmental Science - Extreme Dinosaurs of the World

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Extreme Dinosaurs Of The World – part of our history that would amazing to see again – from a distance!


The world of dinosaurs is fascinating – scary enormous beasts, docile grazers and flying monsters. Difficult to imagine, and yet they capture so many imaginations and children just need to know everything. This kit is perfect for someone who loves these creatures and wants to know every detail!


There is so much to do inside: create a 3D wooden Velociraptor model and paint it to show all the poweful details, use plaster of paris to create replicas of dinosaur eggs, create a diorama showing a dinosaur swamp. There is also a giant poster where you can find out 10 amazing secrets about the world’s most unusual dinosaurs. The whole pack is accompanied by a detailed book at shows you how to complete these tasks and explores the pre-historic world in great depth.


A perfect start to a mini project for home or school – we are so impressed by how much you can learn and do within this one pack.