Viga Tack Zap Robots

R 249.00 R 295.00

Use the picture cards included and copy the pictures or create original designs with the wooden tiles on a cork base plate. This set includes 45 different wooden pieces, 1 cork board, 1 hammer and a box of tacks. It is packed in a neat gift box. Each box contains 5 double-sided cards as a guide for children to start.

  • The Tack Zap Robots set includes 45 elements for creating pictures of different robots.
  • The kit includes a corkboard, a hammer and a set of tacks.
  • Tack these wooden figures on the corkboard or follow the guiding booklet to complete the challenges.
  • This toy is a great way to encourage hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, creativity,
  • vocabulary building and puzzle-solving.
  • Age 3+