Sylvanian Families Village Cake Shop

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You can change the layout of the kitchen and the display table. Place the cakes on the cake stands or in the display case to rearrange the display. You can make Village Cake Shop even more fun by adding some of our other products (all sold separately). Combine this set with Cake Decorating Set,  Place the Village Cake Shop next to Brick Oven Bakery, Boutique, Candy Wagon and Fruit Wagon to make a shopping street. You can also place the Cosy Cottage  on top of Village Cake Shop and open the Beechwood Hall and place the Village Cake Shop next to the floor part to add a shopkeeper's house. Set contains over 90 pieces including  the Toy Poodle shopkeeper, display case, display table, kitchen, cash register, cake stands , cake stand -layer cake , Charlotte cake, strawberry mousse, peach tart, custard tart, cake boxes, gift boxes, swan cream puff , macaron cake,  blueberry tart , chocolate cake x , cream cake ,  ribbon, cream piping and more accessories.

Please Note: Figures not included.