Sylvanian Families Garden Barbecue Set

R 399.90

It feels like the sun is always shining in the idyllic Sylvanian village, and Sylvanians often invite a few friends over for a barbecue. This set therefore includes the all-important barbecue grill with lid, plus essential utensils like tongs, spatula and fork. Pop onto the barbecue the four skewers, one corn on the cob, one fish and one burger - there's even two slices of tomato to complete the delicious burger. It's important to keep hydrated in the Sylvanian heat, so there is a jug of fresh orange juice with four cups. All the yummy food can all be served up on the four plates and everyone can sit around on the garden table and chairs, under the cute pink and yellow parasol. There's nothing like the smoky smell of a barbecue and sharing some delicious food with friends, and Sylvanians love to cram in as many BBQs as they can in a hot weekend.


(Other figure and some accessories not included)