Rubik's Orbit

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Introducing the new Rubik's Orbit, a circular puzzle that shares the same mechanism as the 2x2 Cube but has a completely different way to solve and rationalise. Improve your problem-solving skills and solve all the 6 sides of the 360 rings and get the colours to match all the way around. This new edition to the Rubik's range not only keeps your mind active but it also teaches you the importance of every single move you make. This colour-matching puzzle game has a modern yet cool look to it. Although different from most puzzle toys in the Rubik's range, the Orbit is instantly recognisable with the traditional Rubik's colours.


The Rubik's Orbit takes puzzle solving to a new dimension. The Orbit contains six coloured sides and operates in much the same way as the Original Cubes. Twist and turn the Rubik's Orbit puzzle to try and get the rings to match Irrespective of how long you take to solve it, the joy of arriving at the solution is unparalleled indeed. The satisfaction of getting there is unmatched. It is one you must experience at least once in your life and take pride in.