Ravensburger Ramses

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Ramses game. A very rich, but, unfortunately, a little absent-minded pharaoh collected numerous treasures from different countries during his life and hid them under his pyramids. The only problem is that he cannot remember what and where he has hidden! Luckily for him, you're here to help him find his treasures!

Game for 1-5 participants from the age of 7. Contents: 47 pyramids (16 gold, 16 red, 15 blue), 30 search cards; 1 playing board with 48 holes; 12 jewel outlines (each with one jewel and three blank spaces); 21 tokens (5 scarabs, 3 curses of the mummy, 13 researchers with the image of 1 to 3 hats); 1 mummy.

Purpose of the game: the one who finds the most treasures and collects the most valuable cards will be the winner.