Ravensburger Race Through Space

R 79.90

Race Through Space, A Mission to the Moon! is the latest introduction to Ravensburger's Imagine - Play - Discover series. Designed for children ages 6+, the game features a colorful game board that resembles a fantastical space galaxy - complete with shooting stars, asteroid fields, rocket ships, space stations and more. The game is for four players, who all try to land their three rockets on the moon and earn the most points for each landing.


Collect Galaxy Cards and Avoid Black Holes

In this cosmic game of intergalactic exploration, players assume the role of space travelers flying their rockets through the Milky Way on their way to the Moon. Dangers lurk everywhere with asteroid fields and black holes in the way that can steer players off course and delay or doom their arrival on the moon. Players take turns rolling the die to launch their rockets and aim towards the moon collecting galaxy cards. The constant movement of the galaxies causes the universe to shift, challenging their efforts to stay the course and avoid falling into black holes that swallow their rocket and stop them from collecting enough points to win the game.

Offers Opportunity to Practice Basic Learning Skills

A strategy game for young children, Race Through Space gives a little extra support to the youngest player in the game, who always gets to go first and lead the way. Since movement - from launch pad to moon landing - is played with a die that leads players in two directions, players practice basic counting and direction skills, develop gameplay strategies as they face options for their actions, and polish their patience and turn-taking skills. It also produces just one winner per game, so kids will gain an understanding of fair play, the glory of winning and the disappointment of defeat.


Colorful Design and Intriguing Play

This shifting board game provides an eye-catching and colorful design that showcases the wonder of space exploration for young gamers. Race Through Space gives children strategic options to choose from while teaching them to focus, helping them understand about cause and effect as well as the excitement of the unknown.


What's In The Box?

10 galaxy cards, 12 rockets, 1 die, 1 moon card, and 1 set of instructions.