Ravensburger Flappy Batty

R 269.90

"Vroooom", Flappy Batty leaps and flaps her wings impatiently! What happened to the moody bat? It's easy: he's hungry and wants to eat! 1, 2 or 3 times: you decide how many times to press Batty's tongue to feed him and how much food to feed him. If you can satisfy it, you will be rewarded with precious stones. But be careful: if you give him too much to eat, Batty has a good scare for you! To feed him or not ...? The winner is whoever guesses how hungry Batty is.


For 2 to 4 players from 4 years old.

Duration: approx. 15 minutes


Requires 3 x AA / LR6 x 1.5V batteries. Batteries not included.



1 gaming device

1 game board

4 pawns

4 bags

50 precious stones

1 chest

1 nut