Ravensburger Fairy of the Forest 500 Piece Puzzle

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This is the first in a new series of richly illustrated fantasy scenes. This wonderful design gives us a glimpse into the magical world of the Fairy of the Forest, as she pauses in a moonlit glade. Surrounded by birds, flowers, oak leaves and shimmering moonlight, she surveys her enchanted kingdom; a place where a golden acorn is transformed into a glittering carriage, fairies play on gilded swings and an exotic palace emerges from the boughs of an oak tree. The rich colours and amazing detail of Nadia Strelkina’s work is a testament not only to her artistic heritage, but is also reminiscent of work by fellow Russians Carl Fabergé and Leon Bakst. Includes in-box A4 colour leaflet showing puzzle image for reference, information about the image and artist's biography