Pop It! Octagon - Orange

R 39.90

The 'bubble wrap' toy that keeps on popping! 


This fun, re-usable version of bubble wrap can be used time after time! Soft to touch, it offers hours and hours of quietly satisfying popping. And its small size means you can take it with you - wherever you go!  Great for long car rides with restless kids and fidgety parents! And it's a great sensory toy for play with your little one or as a stress reliever for yourself after a busy day!


- Non-toxic

- Ideal gift for people of all ages

- Stress Reliever

- Sensory Play

- Interactive Game

- Reusable


Unlimited fun and Easy to Play. Simply press the bubble, it will make a slight popping sound, then turn it over and start again! This toy is long-lasting, reusable and washable.


Use as a stress reliever, have an interactive family night, do parent-child games, use as autistic exercises, assist in preventing brain degradation in the elderly and so much more. People of all ages can enjoy this toy. This toy can even be used as a coaster or even a frisbee – the uses are endless.