Pikmi Pops Surprise Style Series Mega Pack

R 699.90

Pikmi Pops are the big lollipops filled with cute plushies and so many sweet surprises for you! Introducing new Pikmi Pops Style Series - a cute surprise that you can wear! This season the Pikmis come with a comfortable elastic band so that you can wear them! Slide your favourite Pikmis on your fingers, clip them onto your jacket or hang them off your bag! This Mega Pack includes 7 sweet scented plush and 7 surprises. There are 2 exclusive Pikmis in each pack. Feeling lucky? You might unbox a bonus light-up DigiWatch! There are 3 assorted Mega Packs to collect: Coconut, Marshmallow and Frosted Donut. Don't pick one, pick a lot - and unwrap the cute surprises in your Pikmi Pops! DigiWatches are available in 1 in every 24 Mega Packs.


What's inside?


7 x Scented Plush

7 x Dangler Strings

7 x Surprise Messages

7 x Surprise Items

1 x Collector's Guide


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