Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron Refill Pack

R 379.90

Make magic happen again and again with the Magic Mixies Magical Mist and Spells Refill Pack! This pack has been designed for use with the Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron (items 198580 and 198581 sold separately) and contains enough ingredients to create 2 new spells and 20+ misting moments, so you can repeat the magical reveal again and again.

Use the Pixie Dust, Unicorn Tears & Rainbow Drops to make the Wishing Spell or the Fairy Sprinkles, Liquid Sapphire and Luck Clover to make the Luck Spell. The Magic Mixies Magical Mist and Spells Refill Pack lets you keep the magic alive!

Contents: A mist vile, 2 spell books, pixie dust, fairy sprinkles, rainbow drop, fortune bloom, forever flower, unicorn tears gel, dragon scales, mermaid scales, liquid sapphire, lock of unicorn hair, luck clover, lucky scroll and an instruction manual.

  • Refill Pack allows you to create 20+ misting moments.
  • Refill your Cauldron using the Mist Refill Vial (Cauldron items 198580 and 198581 sold separately and essential for play).
  • Follow the steps in the Spell Book and add the magical ingredients.
  • Exclusive "Wishing Spell".
  • Magical "Luck Spell".