Lunch Bag - Donut

R 349.90

You’ve got our permission to play with your food.


Donut Touch My Food! Our new Lunch Tote brings the fun back to lunch time, and this Frosted Donut Lunch Tote does it in the “holiest” way. The EVA-lined tote is hard-walled and insulated to keep your lunch fresh without getting crushed—perfect for a nice healthy lunch of salad donuts. The handle and stitching ooze quality, so it will survive the work week with ease. Even better, this Lunch Tote unzips wiiiide open—no struggling to pack and unpack large containers or ice packs.


frosted donut lunch tote.

EVA-insulated to keep food fresh.

wide-opening for easy packing/unpacking.

beloved frosted donut design.

great for lunch, snacks, drinks, and of course pastries.