L.O.L. Surprise Hair Vibes Tots

R 629.90

Unbox 15+ surprises, including mix & match hair! Each #Hairvibes doll includes 3+ real hair wig pieces and 4 plastic wig pieces that you can mix & match to create endless hairstyles. If you’re feeling fancy vibes, try an updo. Or feeling cool vibes? Create an awesome side swept look. There are so many combinations and ways to express your vibe with #Hairvibes.


Unbox Giant L.O.L. Surprise! Ball:

Unbox the extra-large L.O.L. Surprise! ball to reveal 15 surprises, including mix & match hair. Ball also becomes a doll stand and purse.


So Many Hairstyles:

Each doll comes with 4 plastic wig pieces & 3+ real hair wig pieces. Mix & match 2 pieces front to back or side to side to create so many styles! Glow Grrrl is glowin’ with all her fabulous looks!

Please Note: This product is part of an assortment. Each sold separately.