Hatchimals Pop-Up Game + Memory Match

R 119.90

Have some poptastic fun with this Hatchimals-themed Pop-Up game. Choose a set of colored pieces and put them in your home base. Roll the dice by popping the popper and then move that number of spots to the left. Be the first player to get all of your pieces back to your home base and you will be declared the winner! Play classic Memory Match with characters from the world of Hatchimals. Flip over two cards to reveal favorite characters. If you make a match you keep going—if not, turn the cards over and remember where each one was. The player who collects the most cards once they are all picked up is declared the winner!

Hatchimals Pop-Up Game and Memory Match in one package

Features characters from the world of Hatchimals

Designed for up to 4 players

Ages 4 and up