Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit Ultimate Edition

R 799.90

Accio trivia! Return to Hogwarts in the ultimate edition of Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit. Featuring 1800 questions over 300 cards, test your knowledge of characters, spells, locations, events, magical artefacts and much more, as you compete to master every category, move to the centre space and answer the final question in order to be crowned champion. Challenge your friends and family as you race to collect one Trivial Pursuit wedge from every category before they do.


Brand new edition of Trivial Pursuit featuring your favourite characters and events from the Harry Potter franchise.

This quick-play quiz has 1800 questions that will entertain and educate even the smartest Hogwarts students.

Fascinating, puzzling and spellbinding questions that will test your knowledge and memory.

Ultimate edition of the game comes with coloured dice, 300 cards and game board.

A challenging family game that’s fun for witches, wizards and muggles alike!


How to Play:

To win, collect one Trivial Pursuit wedge from every category before your opponents do.

Place the cards in the holder with the question side facing forwards.

Choose a player to go first; play continues clockwise.

On your turn roll the die to decide a category colour. Another player takes the front card and reads you the question from that category.

If you answer correctly, the card goes to the back of the deck but you roll the die again to go for a WEDGE question.

This time if you answer the question correctly, you keep the card.

To win another card, you must correctly answer a question on a new card, and then correctly answer the WEDGE question on the next card. Keep going until you get an answer wrong. This ends your turn.

If a player collects six cards on his or her very first turn, the remaining players may try to equal this feat and force the game to end in a draw.