Hairdorables Series 4

R 399.90

Noah and the Hairdorables are showing off some #freshlooks in Series 4!


The girl squad with “Big Hair Don’t Care” attitudes are now scented! They’re even introducing three new friends: Saige, Phoebe, and Emily! Collect all NEW Hairdorables dolls (including 1 rare and 1 ULTRA-rare).


These dolls come in a reusable plastic carrying case and feature fashion forward looks with tons of unique accessories from three new themes: Carnival Cuties, Garden Party, and Splash Sensation.


Each doll lives up to the “Hairdorables” name with a variety of unique luxe hairstyles in vibrant colors! #refresh your collection with all the Hairdorables Scented Series 4 Dolls!


#Hairdorables took off when Noah, a sweet and funny vlogger with a passion for hair-styling, decided to share her side-braiding tutorial on YouTube. While shooting her video, Noah fumbled over the word’s “hair” and “adorable” …accidentally coining the term “hairdorable”! To Noah’s surprise, her video and #Hairdorable went viral overnight! When Noah decided to launch her own YouTube channel (Hairdorables, obvi) and invite her friends to join her, the response was a resounding YAAAAAAAS!




Please Note: This product is part of an assortment. Each sold separately.