Gel Water Blaster – Green 2 Mode 46cm

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Gel Water Blaster – Green 2 Mode 46cm

Gel Water Blaster

  • Electric Continuous (Single and Automatic Firing options)
  • 18m Long Range Shooting
  • 0.2 Second Speed Bursts
  • Charges with USB Cable
  • 7-8mm Water Bullet
  • Ages 14+
  • Size: Approx. 46 cm
  • Packaging Size: Approx. 33 x 14 x 7 cm

Safe and Easy to use:
The gel ball blaster is clean and degradable. Gel balls will break into small particles, slowly evaporate and disappear after encountering an obstacle. The Gel Balls do not stain

Tips & Safety when using your Gel Ball Blaster:
13 years old and above. Please always wear the goggles provided in the package when using the gel ball blaster. This blaster shoots gel balls that can damage your eyes if unprotected. Always wear protective gear and never aim or shoot at a human or animals

Please use a large enough container and enough water to soak the gel particles for 3-4 hours to fully expand to 7-8mm. Do not let water enter the hopper when loading the gel balls.
This is a toy that is driven by a spring and uses a gel ball as ammunition